The media revolution

The media industry is in the grip of a technological revolution and it’s affecting every part of the business. Distribution models, commissioning procedures and revenue streams are all evolving as the industry responds to the shift to digital and personalisation. This has resulted in a flood of new channels, platforms and experiences, all of which have to be constantly fed with compelling, quality content. If they are not, audiences move on.

There has also been an increase in mergers and acquisitions, as big companies expand and new spin-offs spring from established businesses. In some regions it’s vertical, while in others it resembles an ecosystem. No matter how you look at it, the media landscape is becoming more complex. It is driven by new technologies that have given consumers more choice and greater expectations. Broadcasters are revising their distribution models, advertisers are eyeing up the Internet of Things and everyone is investing in content.

Global leader

John Gleeson


Forward-thinking companies, prepared to revise their strategies, operations, products and services, can turn the challenges into real opportunities.

Why Grant Thornton?

We’ve worked with players across the breadth of the industry, from film animators to studio infrastructure providers and games distributors to music broadcasters. We've supported businesses from start-up to IPO, through domestic mergers and international acquisitions.

At Grant Thornton we all agree that as media professionals, we are distinctly different to other firms which have traditional tax, audit and corporate finance partners. Media partners at Grant Thornton have in-depth knowledge and relationships in the sector, domestically and worldwide, and ensure delivery of a combination of services to a specific sector. We are the only international network in professional services that is coming together globally in this way.

Our specialists live and breathe media in more than 130 countries around the world. We have the know-how to not only help you plan and optimise your business but also develop and expand it. Our global network is well known in the sector, and has a passionate and personal interest in it. Grant Thornton has the insight and experience to find the solution that works for you.

Our solutions

Grant Thornton media teams work with you to offer services tailored to your industry, including:

  • cross-border film and TV
  • accessing bridge and gap funding
  • corporate finance and specialised media M&A work
  • accounting
  • strategic advisory and business consulting
  • local and international tax advice
  • outsourcing, production accounting and payroll

To learn more about our media services contact John Gleeson, our global leader of media.

As well as these global industries, many of our member firms also have in-depth knowledge of other specific industries. If you have any questions or would like to find out more about how we can help, check your local Grant Thornton member firm's website.