Our tax services help you gain trust and stay ahead, enabling you to manage your tax transparently and ethically. Tax is a critical area of business that demands as much attention as any other business focal point.

Through innovative solutions that manage your liabilities, Grant Thornton tax specialists can give you the advice you need to achieve your commercial objectives. Whether you are an individual or a corporation, a well-established business or a growing operation, we are able to offer you a multitude of domestic and international tax services.

Corporate tax compliance and consultancy

Tax compliance: This service is designed to assist enterprises to cope with the statutory tax declaration requirements in line with the tax laws, as well as the frequent changes and updates in tax laws. A specified engagement team of tax professionals will be dedicated to each of our clients so as to fully understand the enterprises’ business operations. We will act as your internal tax person/team to advise the Management on tax treatments on daily business operation, handle tax returns and work closely with your accounting personnel to ensure the company’s tax declarations are line with the laws. All taxes relating to your business, which will include but not be limited to the assistance in preparation of tax returns for Value Added Tax, corporate income tax, on a monthly, and annual basis.

Tax due diligence: We conduct tax due diligence reviews of target companies to analyse their tax exposure and position in relation to acquisitions, mergers or consolidations.

Tax audit and investigation: The process to handle a tax audit or investigation can be stressful and can lead to prosecution if not correctly handled thus, getting the right experts to handle this area of work is essential. Our professionals can assist to manage the process effectively to safeguard your position and mitigate any detrimental consequences of noncompliance.

Tax restructuring and amalgamation: We analyse target companies and advice on how to restructure their business for estate planning, tax and cost efficiency, potential listing in the stock market.

VAT audits, consultancy and compliance

We can assist by ensuring high risk categories of transactions are accorded the correct treatments. Our indirect tax specialists help clients in effective planning; assist to bring clarity to the Customs legislation; assist and advise in Customs audit or investigation. It is important for all entities that will be required to register for the VAT to analyse the impact of the VAT on their business operations, their revenues and expenses, and their customers and suppliers. We have an established VAT team that can assist you with deliberate strategies and implement changes to systems and processes to ensure compliance.

Personal tax compliance and consultancy

We have a broad knowledge base and skills to assist you keep your personal income taxes to a legitimate and reasonable level, while remaining compliant with legislation. We can develop a personalized package for each key employee to take maximum advantage of the exemptions and incentives available.

Global mobility services

Botswana and international regulations concerning tax and social security contributions are constantly changing. When a company plans to transfer personnel from one country to another many questions arise concerning the tax issues in both the home country and the host countries. On the other hands, when a company in Botswana recruits a foreigner, there are a number of tax issues needed to be considered before entering into a contract with the foreigner. Our approach is to spend quality time to understand your needs and design a service that’s right for you.

International tax planning, including IFSC certification

Our extensive international network provides us with significant resources to meet all your expansion goals. We strive to develop commercially focused and tailored tax strategies to minimise tax exposures and maximise business efficiency. We utilise our extensive local knowledge and proven tax-efficient strategies to maximise potential benefits and reduce risks. We use these techniques to assist you in planning your legal structure, repatriation planning and exit strategy.

Transfer pricing

With the introduction of the income tax (transfer pricing) rules and the new transfer pricing guidelines, taxpayers should give special attention to this matter to mitigate the risks of pricing adjustments, double taxation, inefficient tax planning and penalties. Preparing contemporaneous documentation should not be viewed as to only comply with legal obligations, but also as an effective tax and risk administration tool. Our experts can help by offering:

  • documentation
  • risk assessment
  • benchmarking anaylsis
  • dispute resolution

Other tax services

Tax health check: Our tax health check involves a high-level review of specific tax areas to highlight the key issues that need to be rectified in order to reduce tax risks. We identify key risk areas in which many enterprises are not fully compliant or often overlook potential tax planning opportunities. Our tax health check service represents a cost-effective method to proactively manage risks and reduce potential issues arising as a result of a tax inspection.

FATCA compliance: Non-compliance to FATCA could subject an entity as a Non-Participating Financial Institution (NPFI), and be subjected to tax withholding. There is also a possibility for additional penalties and repercussions from the US Internal Revenue Service. Our tax team can assist you in the preparation submission of the appropriate FATCA forms in order to compliant.

Competition Authority compliance: We can assist you in the preparation of document for submission to Competition Authority for any mergers and acquisitions. Our tax team can act on your behalf in seeing through the application process and all the necessary follow up in obtaining the Authority’s decision in the matter.