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Corporate Social Responsibility 2016

Corporate Social Responsibility 2016

On Global CSR Day, Grant Thornton Botswana closed their office for the day and over 120 staff members spent quality time with the children of the Gamodubu Child Care Trust ‐ got to know them, engaged them with various activities, and enjoyed a scrumptious lunch with them. They also took time to understand the day‐to day challenges the volunteers face, and how they manage to overcome them. A contribution to the total value of P53 000 was made by Grant Thornton and it’s staff, which included providing wiring and electricity to the ablutions and the yard, a geyser, a fridge, food and toiletries supply for the centre.

Global CSR Day

Grant Thornton continues to make a difference in the community

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Photographs of Corporate Social Responsibility Day 2016

Date: 28th September, 2016

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