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Corporate Social Responsibility 2018

Grant Thornton has an inclination towards supporting educational and life skill development in 2018, leading to a return to Tshwaragano Primary school in Old Naledi, were we donated items such as PSLE revision books, library books, educational games, boxes of sanitary pads for female students, signage and plaque to brand the school, goody bags, and trophies, certificates and school bags for their 40th anniversary prize giving celebration – all to the value of P50,000. To make the day special for each of the1,100 students and teachers, the entire staff of Grant Thornton took time off work to spend the day with the students painting the reception classes, engaging in life skills training, playing games, singing and celebrating the spirit of togetherness.

Global CSR Day

Grant Thornton Botswana celebrates annual “Global CSR Day” and Tshwaragano Primary School’s 40th anniversary

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Photographs of Corporate Social Responsibility Day 2018

Date: 28th September, 2018

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