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Private Business Growth Awards 2018

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Private Business Growth Awards 2018

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Introduction to PBGA

Grant Thornton’s Private Business Growth Awards (PBGA) is an annual platform established in 2015, to recognize local privately-held businesses that approach growth from a strategic and holistic perspective. Presented in association with Business Botswana and Botswana Investment and Trade Center (BITC), PBGA is one of Grant Thornton’s biggest CSR activities and give-back to the business community of Botswana.

PBGA honors local businesses or groups with growth strategies that encompass a broad range of activities across their business. This includes product and service development, expansion into new domestic and international markets, development of people and culture, improvements in efficiency, improvements in stakeholder relations, improvements in financial measures or governance, contributions to social development and leadership through a combination of business acumen and instinct.


PBGA submissions are evaluated by an independent panel of internal and external judges based on strategic growth in the areas of Innovation, Market development, People and culture, Strategic leadership, and Financial measures and operational information. The awards are presented in two categories, namely “Large enterprise or group” (company or group that has reported turnover in excess of P100 million in any of the last 2 years as per the Annual Financial Statement, and employs more than 50 employees), and “Medium enterprise or group” (participants that do not meet the criteria of the large enterprise category).


The awards have seen phenomenal growth since inception. The quality and level of participation has increased by 400% since 2015 in terms of number of participants, and the reach within the country has grown from 5 locations in 2015 to 14 locations in 2018. The strategic partnerships formed with reputable private-sector players has seen the introduction of 4 special category awards introduced by BITC, namely Investor of the Year Award - Manufacturing, Investor of the Year Award - Services, Investor of the Year – Expansions, and Exporter of the Year.


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